The Unknown by Janet Allard and Jean Randich

Directed by Jean Randich

Produced by New York Musical Festival, Barrow Group, NY City 2005

with Joel Garland, Brooke Sunny Moriber, Manu Narayan, Steve Rattazzi, Dale Soules

"At the center of the sleazy sideshow world of The Unknown stands Alonzo The Armless Wonder, a carnival knife thrower who is madly in love with Joan, his luscious and mysterious target," according to production notes. "Alonzo's love gives birth to an obsession so powerful that it tests the limits of sanity and drives him to the brink of madness and murder. Twists and turns come flying at full speed in this freak show of dreams, where nothing is what it seems and where love can be twisted by hatred in an instant. The Unknown is fast-paced and suspenseful from its opening chords to its gruesome conclusion. It is a thrilling carnival ride about the madness that can ensue when love comes your way." The Unknown, a new musical about sideshow freaks, based on the 1927 cult film by Tod Browning ("Freaks")

The animations were used as titles and to illustrate the action.

Animations: Sue Rees