Set Design

Access Shakespeare

Produced by Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival Educational Touring Program

Hamlet 2009
Directed by Christopher V. Edwards
Set/Props: – table, benches, red velvet curtains on moveable frames

A Midsummer Night’s Dream 2010
Directed by Christopher V. Edwards
Set/Props: – folding reversible screens, large pink fur cushion, smaller purple velvet cushion, garlands

Julius Caeser 2011
Directed by Christopher V. Edwards
Set/Props: - printed banners, flags, police barricades, step ladders

Romeo and Juliet 2012
Directed by Ryan Quinn
Set/Props: - Pendants, ladders, school equipment, chairs, barrels of sporting equipment

Othello 2013
Directed by Christopher Edwards
Touring production. Images of play being performed at Montessori School, Yonkers, NY.
Set/Props: - Cargo Boxes, wooden supply boxes, cargo netting, folders, bedding, plastic knives, cups, flasks.

Macbeth 2015
Directed by Ryan Quinn
Tour 23rd March – 1st May
Set/Props: - 4 large totems, 3 small totems, 5 standing triangular totems, red sand forming a circle, ceramic jugs, canvas bags

A Midsummer’s Night Dream 2016
Directed by Jason O'Connell
Tour 23rd March – 1st May
Set/Props: - 4 poles, lights, fabric, 5 mattresses, textured throws, textured pillows, toys, bedside accouterments. rug, baskets

Romeo and Juliet 2017
Directed by Tom Ridley
Tour March – May
Set/Props: - 3 step ladders wood and aluminum ( 2 x 6’ and 2’), cargo box, flower bouquets, storage boxes, lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks, baseball bat, clamp, camping bed, lights