Set Design

By Abi Basch

Directed by Abi Basch and Else Marie Laukvik

Bindlestiff Studios, San Francisco, CA
Kinderdeutsch Projects

set/props - Sue Rees
costumes - Irina Kruzhilina
lighting - Marnie Cumings
sound - Paula Matthusen

Consisted of defined interior space with constructed cardboard patchwork walls with windows behind which was playing space, lace curtain. Furniture included rug , chairs, tulip chairs, leopard skins chair and puff, couch, TV, rug with animals attached, drinks trolley with pewter glasses and decanter.

“Set in a kingdom of artificial snow and imagined Eskimos, the play follows an aging warlord as she attempts to pass on an unwanted kingdom to three ungrateful daughters – in the process descending into madness and taking the play with her.”