Set Design

Border Towns

Music composition Nick Brooke
Directed by Nick Brooke and Jenny Rohn

Produced by HERE, NY City, 2010
and Bennington College, Bennington, VT 2010

Border Towns explores how recordings have re-engineered the psychological landscape of the U.S., stitching together hundreds of recordings collected along the borders. Seven performers lipsync, sing, and move precisely with a dense map of song fragments, ambient sounds, and border broadcasts. Along the way, musical Americana gets reconstructed into a surreal theatrical collage reflecting on recording, location, and culture.

Set- chair on moving platform, table on heels, megaphone, chairs, canvas cloths, microphone stands, mics, old fashioned flying mic, poles, stands, canvas sheets to create “tents”, projections.

Sets: Sue Rees
Lighting: Michael Giannetti