Set Design

Margo Veil
by Len Jenkin
Directed by Len Jenkin
Produced by Flea Theater, Tribeca, New York 2005

with The Bats

Margo Veil, an entertainment, explores familiar Jenkin territory - offices in nameless skyscrapers, trains going nowhere, art house movie theaters in Louisville and tattoo parlors in Albuquerque. Margo Veil is a young actress whose strange adventures lead her into an ever-changing landscape of dream and reality. The cast of four women and four men each play a number of parts, from second rate theatrical agents and would-be actresses to world-renowned archaeologists and train baggage masters.

Set – curtained entrances, windows, café tables and chairs, dioramas

Sets: Sue Rees
Lighting: Andrew Hill
Costume: Michelle R. Phillips,
Sound: John Kilgore.