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Installation-Memory of Comings and Goings

KidsSpace@ MassMoca, North Adams, MA 2001
Cullity Gallery Perth, Australia 2000
Art Resources Transforms, New York City 2000

8’ x 8’ x 8’ cube with painted sheetrock construction, windows and door, with the windows opening and shutting by 6 rpm DC motors on timers. Inside the cube were 9 eye glasses moving slowly up and down.
Sounds emitted when the doors and windows where opened

“A room to alter upon one's entrance. A room where all is still until one enters in. A room where one can control the action by leaving and entering. A room where one could dream or imagine the inhabitants. They are there, but perhaps only in one';s imagination. The sound to indicate an entrance or wishing for an entrance. The windows moving to start a dialogue with the outside or to cease a dialogue. A conversation can occur between the outside and the inside by means of the windows. The doors being a means for a conversation to occur on the inside by invitation and entrance, not by chance. An open door results in the possibility of conversations to the outside, even though truncated. Sound occurs as you enter inside, and ceases when you close the door. The concept of the piece is to address the idea of action, reaction, and the possibility of chance.”