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Set Design-Have You Seen Steve Steven

by Ann Marie Healy
Directed by Anne Kauffman
Produced by 13P 14th Street Theatre
September - October, 2007

with Brandon Bales, Frank Deal, Tom Riis Farrell, Alissa Ford, Kate Hampton,
Jocelyn Kuritsky, Matt Maher, Carol Rosenfeld, Stephanie Wright Thompson

“Lost in a labyrinth of Midwestern McMansions, teenager Kathleen Clarkson senses that something is very wrong with her world but nothing prepares her for the arrival of Hank Mountain. This friendly neighbor and his elusive partner-in-crime, Vera, stop over to bring brownie bars and chat about the property taxes. What her parents don't realize is that they've also come as harbingers of annihilation. When an all-knowing exchange student pops in from afar to join these two neighbors from "just down the way," a fairy tale of make-believe dissolves into a nightmare--both hilarious and terrifying-- that reveals the instability at the core of everything Kathleen knows. HAVE YOU SEEN STEVE STEVEN is a disconcerting comic drama that teases our sense of reality and safety and questions the places that we call home.”

Set – constructed McMansion House with multi level and entrances

Sets: Sue Rees Lighting: Garin Marschall Costume: Emily Rebholz
Sound: Jeremy J. Lee Dramaturg: Janice Paran Producer: Sandra Garner