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Set Design-The Dispute

by Marivaux translated by Neil Bartlett
Directed by Jean Randich
Produced by NAATCO Abingden Theatre, NY City 2006

with Alexis Camins, Jennifer Chang, Claro de los Reyes, Mel Duane Gionson, Jennifer Ikeda, Lanny Joon, Mia Katigbak, Annabel LaLonde, Alfredo Narciso, Olivia Oguma

Long before the Marquis de Sade and reality TV, an enlightened Prince runs an experiment into the nature of sex. Four foundlings are raised in isolated confinement in an artificial Eden. Now it's show time and they will be unleashed. Will the serpent appear in the garden? And if so, will the man, or the woman, be the first to fall?

Set – painted tree, pipe structures including swing, ladders, boxes

Sets: Sue Rees Lighting design: Stephen Petrilli Costume design: Kirian Langseth-Schmidt Sound design: Robert Murphy