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Animation/Video-The Place we Built

by Sarah Gancher

directed by Jean Randich.

In a deserted neighborhood in post-communist Budapest, young bohemians squat in an abandoned building and build a bar. Reclaiming the Jewish identity their parents’ generation abandoned after the Holocaust, they create a vibrant new subculture that combines big ideas and intense debates with wild parties. Friendships form and fray, couples recombine, people change, the neighborhood is transformed. But when authoritarianism and anti-Semitism make a surprise comeback in the country at large, will the place they built survive? A tale of friendship, idealism, and coming of age, set against the backdrop of Hungary’s current terrifying slide into dictatorship—and the global rise of right-wing populism.
Music arrangement and direction: Bruce Williamson
Designs by:
Sue Rees (set and projections)
Olivera Gajic (costumes)
Evan Grey Caldwell (lights)
Miran Kapor (sound)
Timothy Atkinson, Larry Dembski, and Keely Durkin (puppets)

Dramaturgy by:
Rob Ascher and Soumya Rachel Shailendra
Assistant directed by:
Inas Gacanin
Stage Managed by:
Florence Gill

Live video, wireless feeds, recorded imagery, tables, chairs, bar, painted wall, graffiti, staircase, puppet booth, hanging window frames, hanging books, wooden spoons, Winnie and Tigger ( my dogs), immersive environment

May 2019
Bennington College