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Animation/Video-H & G, a great and terrible story

Libretto by Anna Maria Hong and Jean Randich
Music by Allen Shawn
Directed by Jean Randich

Projection and Set Design by Sue Rees
Costume Design by Luciana Figliulo, Andrew Tachman, Julie Winger, and Stefanos Zogopoulos
Lighting Design by Jiyoun Chang
Sound Design by Luke Taylor and Chrysanthemum Ahmed
Choreography by Nosizo Lukhele and Emily Heath
Music Direction by Chris Rose and Allen Shawn
Assistant Direction by Stefanos Zogopoulous
Stage Management by Parker Atkin and Wanda McEwan

Freely inspired by H & G (Sidebrow Books) and Fablesque (Tupelo Press)
by Anna Maria Hong © Anna Maria Hong
“H & G, a great and terrible story” is a cubistic re-envisioning of the Grimm’s tale of Hansel and
Gretel as a surreal, feminist hero’s journey. A terrifying coming of age tale, it bristles with
enchantment of the inner woods in a magical dreamscape of music by turns plaintive, swinging,
and raw. How do children survive abandonment and loss and learn to make their own way in

Bennington College 2022