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Animation/Video-Kuttu Festival 2005

A Theatre Spectacle for the Curious & the Engaged
Documentation was undertaken of the Kuttu festival and a DVD collection produced consisting of 18 DVDs showing the preparation of the site, the entire performances of the Kattaikkuttu Sangam and Gurukulam theatre companies as well as edits of the other productions. The documentation was sponsored by a grant from the Vermont Arts Council and NEA, Faculty Grant from Bennington College and by the festival.
Images are from the documentation of the festival
The Kattaikkuttu Sangam, Kanchipuram organized the five-night long theatre festival in Punjarasantankal Village (near Kanchipuram, TN) from 1 March to the morning of 6 March 2005.
All the four South Indian states were represented by important theatre traditions: Kathakali (Kerala), Yakshagana (Karnataka), Vitinatakam (Andhra Pradesh) and Kattaikkuttu (Tamilnadu). Special performances included Attakalari (Contemporary dance, Bangalore), Brigitte Revelli (modern marionette theater, Kerala), The Dhananjayans (Bharathanatyam, Chennai) and Adi Shakti (Contemporary theatre, Pondicherry).

The first slot every night (9 to 10:30 PM) was devoted to performances for/by children. The second (10.30 to 12 P.M.) showcases special productions. Performances after 12 P.M. feature selected episodes from the Mahabharata performed in different theatre genres.
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March 1-6
Punjarasantantankal Village (near Kanchipuram), Tamil Nadu