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Animation/Video-The Alphabetical Adventures of Zelda Zingaro

Written Len Jenkin
Animation/Direction Sue Rees
Sound Design, Recording, Mixing   John Kilgore

Cast includes:
Anya Edwards, Sherry Kramer, Vera Beren, Steve Mellor, Priscilla Holbrook, Elizabeth Morgan, John Kilgore, Len Jenkin, Caraid O’Brien, Heather Christian.
Todd Reynolds, John Kilgore
Playing traditional Romanian music:
Vocal Sanda Weigl
Violin Jake Schulman-Ment
Romanian Flutes Eléonore Weill
Accordion Uri Sharlin
Bass Branislaw Brinarsky

The Alphabetical Adventures of Zelda Zingaro is a fable, a tall story, a gypsy dream. Alexandra, a little girl from the suburbs, ends up in the care of Zelda Zingaro, the Gypsy Queen, as her parents go off to the opera. Zelda takes her on fantastic adventures through the heart of New York City and down to the bottom of the sea-- teaching her the alphabet as they go along. A is for Ambulance! S is for Squid Doom.
The animation of The Alphabetical Adventures of Zelda Zingaro by Len Jenkin arose out of a conversation I had with Len about the idea of animating one of his stories. I decided to include images of real people for the two main characters and real and imagined locations for their adventures. Thus, shooting occurred in various locations in and around New York City, Coney Island, a beach in England, and locations in Vermont. The animated still images and objects were compiled from various sources, and were chosen to evoke a magical journey, as Zelda took Alexandra on a voyage of discovery. The sound was compiled by John Kilgore at John Kilgore Studio in New York City. John mixed lived and recorded effects. For the voice work, we were able to call on experienced New York stage and screen actors who were directed by Len Jenkin and John in the studio.