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Animation/Video-“Everywhere stone is Gaining. Whiteness.” Samuel Beckett

Video/Cinematography/edited Sue Rees
Co-directed Dina Janis and Sue Rees

The video is a documentary on marble workers in Vermont. The piece will be part of the Vermont Movie, “A collaborative film involving over 20 Vermont filmmakers, that explores Vermont's activism, independent spirit and spirits, and connects our past to our present and future.” Description of film- Samuel Beckett’s words written about the stone and quarries of his childhood-will serve as a catalyst for our short film. The tread of the story will follow marble from its original location, through extraction, to refinement, to final usage. We will “follow the vein” of marble, focusing on the process and the people involved in the extraction and transformation, and look at a variety of usages for the material: included in this journey will be views on the material characteristics of the material from a geologists, to a stone cutter to an architect and others along the route. We will investigate how this practice has influenced the look and temperament of our state, with regards to both the landscape, and the immigrants who arrived to work the quarries. 

Vermont 2008-2009